About Kidzbee Online Malaysia

The change that our precious little newborns bring to our lives is major yet heartwarming, dedicating all our time to them. As parents, we wish for only the best for our babies. Wanting to provide the finest choice for the little ones drove us into thinking “Why not we bring in the best products to help cater to the needs of our fellow mothers”. Having the background knowledge of baby products built a strong foundation for us, along with the use of the digital platform; Kidzbee Online has been on the roll ever since. We are a team of four, with three of us being mothers ourselves and a gentleman on board, it enables us to reach out to all the mummies out there and understand their needs on a personal level.

As working mothers, we are familiar with the needs of busy parents these days. Which is why we advocate great quality of baby products that is both exclusive and trustable. At Kidzbee Online, parents can rest assured that their needs and requirements will be met, where the quality of baby products is never compromised, and that is a promise.